Beneficial Purchase Plans

Our prices based on the size of the property and the number of ordered tours. Free travel in London, we charge milage for all projects outside of London at 0.65p per mile. The price quoted above are an all inclusive price – we will not make any additional charges for standard processing (which should be all you need) OR usage/licence fees. 


  All tours contains:

VR tour url and embedded code

dollhouse view

One year storage

Google Street View


Free Travel in London



Private property owner or landlord, 1-3 property, 30-150 m2

- 151-300 m2 - £249
- 301-499 m2 - £299
- 500m2 £1/m2



Agency, 4+ properties, 30-150 m2 / If the Agency offers its clients our virtual tours as an Additional Service, the clients will pay £149 and we will pay a £50 commission to the agency

- 151-300 m2 - £149
- 301-499 m2 - £199
- 500m2 £1/m2

pre-arranged day


Pre-arranged 4+ properties a day, close to each other, 30-150 m2

-151-300 m2 - £99
- 301-499 m2 - £125
- 500m2 £1/m2
Addicional servicies

The following services are optionally available alongside the basic Virtual tours.


VR Angels
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Grays, RM16 6DG